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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

LOVELY Thoughts

LOVELY Thoughts

Yeah, dragons can be defeated if people work together :)

I think it's really sweet growing old with the one you really love who loves you back too :)

'Coz it should be a "WE" not a "ME" ^__^

When you really love someone, no other person will do :)

That's why it really pays to be patient and wait when you feel it in your heart that the person is worth waiting for...

An understanding person is worth keeping; don't abuse that person. A person you can trust is someone you can love. Understanding, trust and patience, when combined, make up for a strong foundation for a relationship :)

Be proud of the one you love! ^_____^

Talking about your feelings with the person concerned helps close the gap and patch up the difference...

A spark of inspiration ♥

'Coz girls are complicated creatures in dainty, fragile packages

Gotta learn to take risks and take chances. Who knows?

'Coz there are just some things in life that we could never explain... Like building friendships with strangers and falling in love with people who live thousands of miles away from you...