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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Honda Cars

2010 Honda Insight Hybrid

The new Honda Insight was launched onto the Japanese market less than two weeks ago and the Insight Concept will be on show at the Melbourne Motor Show from next Friday. The car is already a big hit in Japan and since its launch 10 days ago Honda sold 10,000 units and their initial target was just 5,000 units monthly. The new fuel efficient car from Honda will be launched in the US and European markets this year and in 2010 they will launch it in Australia too.
The new Insight was designed to set a new standard for compact cars in this new era and it will combine outstanding environmental performance with fun, responsive driving and efficient fuel usage. The Insight hybrid has a 1.3L i VTEC engine and the special Integrated Motor Assist designed by Honda. The car has an aerodynamic body with a really low drag coefficient and it features the Ecological Drive Assist System to improve fuel efficient driving.
The interior of this new hybrid is really futuristic and features a two tiered instrument panel divided vertically which allows the driver to access important information at a glance. Honda combined contrasting colors, textures and materials to further emphasis this modern hybrid look.

John Danby Racing Honda NSX

John Danby Racing Honda NSX 1

John Danby Racing released today the first images and details with their JDR Honda NSX, a car that’s going to debut in this season’s final Britcar round at Brands Hatch on the 7th November. The car has been built to comply all regulations from Britcar and last Friday it was testing in Norfolk with race car driver James Barclay.

The experienced sportscar team had build this custom Honda NSX for owner and driver David Fenn and it features the latest technology with innovative engine control and data logging capabilities including GPS, Fly by Wire and live feed video. Other high specification custom solutions were used for this car’s brakes and dampers.
Vicki Butler Henderson, one of Fifth Gear’s TV presenters will drive the debut race for the Honda NSX with James Barclay while David Fenn will drive the NSX in the evening GT race alongside Barclay.

MUGEN Honda Civic Type R Euro

MUGEN Honda Civic Type R Euro 1
A couple of weeks ago Honda launched the UK built three door Honda Civic Type R Euroin Japan and during this time Mugen decided to make an upgrade package for this new car.Mugen, probably the best Honda tuner in the world, released a special aerodynamic package with parts that were inspired from the limited edition Civic Type R Mugen 240 HP of which only 20 units will be made.

The MUGEN Honda Civic Type R Euro comes with a striking exterior kit that consists of new front and rear aprons, a ventilated bonnet, a rear diffuser and a big rear wing. The car’s exterior look was completed by installing 18″ alloy wheels in gunmetal or bronze finish.
Mugen won’t offer the 240HP engine that was used to power the special edition Honda Civic Type R and this car will come with the stock 200 HP engine. Even though under the hood almost everything remained unchanged, the car tuning company offer other upgrades that slightly improve the car’s performances and handling.
They installed a sport suspension system and a high performance brake package, a tire monitoring system, a new clutch set made from copper fiber, a new sport exhaust system, a quick shifter and also a limited slip differential.

Honda launches new small car concept

Honda new small car 1
Honda is planning to be a big player on the low cost cars emerging markets and they launched a new small car concept in India today. The concept was showcased today at the Auto Expo 2010 from New Delhi, India. Honda hasn’t announced too many details about the car but they revealed the fact that they are going to introduce a new model based on this concept in 2011.
The new small car from Honda will be initially sold in India and Thailand but if it proves to be a hit it will be probably go to a couple of Western markets and it will be engineered as a global car. The concept revealed at New Delhi has a striking design but Honda hasn’t announced if the series version will have a different design a bit toned down from the one used by the concept.

Honda Brio unveiled for Asian Markets

Honda has just unveiled a new small car called Honda Brio, specifically designed for Asian markets such as Thailand, India and China. Brio measures only 3,610mm in length, 1,680mm in width and 1,475 in height and it’s powered by a small 1.2L VTEC four cylinder engine which develops a decent power of 90 PS/89 hp.
This small engine returns an average fuel usage consumption of just 5.0L/100 km which is around 47 mpg US. Even though it’s exterior design might seem a bit odd, the interior of the car is pretty attractive with a simple design and high quality materials.
The Honda Brio will be released in Thailand in May and its price will start at 390,000 baht or around $12,862. Honda

Noblesse Honda CR-Z Hybrid

Noblesse Honda CR-Z Hybrid
The Japanese car tuners from Noblessehave made the Honda CR-Z Hybrid a lot more interesting by releasing several aftermarket bits and pieces that will change the car’s look completely. The upgrade program for the Honda hybrid sport hatch includes a new aero kit with aggressive front and rear aprons, side skirts, a rear diffuser and a large roof wing.
Apart from this body kit that makes the CR-Z a lot sportier than it normally is, the guys from Noblesse also offer a carbon fiber hood, several underbody aero parts, a sport exhaust system and also a new set of larger alloy wheels that will complete the car’s new exterior look.
The car tuners could also finish the wheels or the car’s 

AMS Honda CR-Z Terra

AMS Honda CR-Z Terra 1
The Japanese tuning company AMS has launched a new upgrade program for theHonda CR-Z Terra which gives this car a sportier and aggressive look. AMS designed a full body kit for this car which includes a new front spoiler, side skirts, a new rear spoiler with an integrated diffuser, a roof spoiler, a rear wing and a new front grille.
The rear diffuser also has room for the new special exhaust system from AMS which features two center tail pipes. The sportier stance of the AMS Honda CR-Z Terra was enhanced by this wide body kit which increases the width of the car by 15 mm up front and 70 mm at the back.
The finishing touch was installing new bespoke 8×19″ RAYS wheels wrapped in high performance MP 2 Sport tires from Toyo sized 215/35 R19 . AMS also offers other exterior styling elements for the CR-z and they can probably customize the interior of the car too.

2011 Honda Accord Facelift

2011 Honda Accord Sedan 1
Honda has released today the first official photos and details with their 2011 Honda Accord Facelift, both Coupe and Sedan models. The new refreshed models received several styling upgrades, improved fuel economy and several new features.
In terms of styling, the 2011 Honda Accordwill feature a new front grille, redesigned front and rear bumpers, revised tail lamps, new alloy wheel designs and a pair of Chris Bangle 7 series-like reflector extensions that will be exclusive for the sedan version.
For the car’s interior Honda will offer new seat fabrics and up updated instrument panel design and besides moving the climate control buttons there interior is pretty much unchanged. The EX-L V6 Coupe will come with a steering wheel with paddle shifters, an USB audio interface will be available on all coupes and Accord EX and EX-L Sedan, and the Accord EX-L V6 will also get a rear view camera with a Sat nav system and a two position memory system for the diver’s seat.
The 2011 Honda Accord Facelift will go on sale in the US market in the middle of August.

Honda Li Nian Everus Concept

Honda has unveiled a new concept called Li Nian Everus at the 2010 Beijing Auto Show which will also go into production in the next year. The Honda Li Nian Everus Concept was built by Honda’s Chinese branch called Guangqi Honda, formerly known as Guangzhou Honda.
Honda Li Nian Everus Concept 1
Probably the most eye catching feature of this new sedan concept is in the front of the car where the Li Nian Everus features a twin set of horizontal headlamps flanking either side of a big chromed grille. They might look odd or weird but we think these are quite attractive.
Honda also announced that the production version of the Honda Li Nian Everus Concept will be premiered at China’s Guangzhou Motor Show almost at the end of this year and this car will probably hit the streets in the next years. They haven’t released any details about this yet but we will probably get more details about it in the future.

Honda Civic Type R MUGEN 200

Honda Civic Type R MUGEN 200 1
Honda teamed up with Mugen and released today a new special edition of their Civic Type R based on the three-door European model. A while ago Honda unveiled another special edition Civic Type R Mugen which had 240 HP under the hood and was limited to only 20 units but the Honda Civic Type R MUGEN 200 won’t feature the performance upgrades like this model.
The new special edition is powered by the same 2.0L i-VTEC engine as the standard model that delivers 201 HP. The car features an exclusive Championship White finish and the same aerodynamics kit from the 240 HP version which consists of a new front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper with integrated diffuser and a large rear wing.
Honda and Mugen will also offer 19″ alloy wheels, glossy black door mirrors, Mugen badges, a unique number plate and a limited slip differential. As its name suggests, only 200 units of the Honda Civic Type R MUGEN 200 will be built and will go on sale in April.

Honda HSV-010 GT Racing Car

Honda HSV-010 GT 1
Honda released today their all new HSV-010 GT Race car which will compete in the GT500 class of the Japanese 2010 Super GT Series. HSV stands for Honda Sports Velocity and theHSV-010 GT is all about power and speed. Honda’s new race car is powered by a naturally aspired 3.4L V8 engine that produces over 500 HP and a maximum torque of 392 Nm.
The car’s top speed wasn’t revealed by Honda yet but a car that weights a little over 1,100 kg and has over 500 HP under the hood is surely fast as a rocket. The power of this new race car is being sent to the wheels through a constant mesh transmission with paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel.
The racer received a double wishbone suspension system with a torsion bar and features a hydraulic ventilated disc braking system. Honda released the new Honda HSV-010 GT to replace the racing variant of the NSX but they still haven’t disclosed the car’s price yet.

2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid Coupe premiered today

2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid Coupe 1
Honda premiered today the 2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid sports Coupe at the Detroit Auto Show, a long awaited production version of the concept unveiled at the Tokyo auto show last year. The CR-Z Hybrid Coupe is almost the same as the concept but it features different alloy wheels, larger exterior mirrors and it retains the concept’s futuristic interior.
The 2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid Coupe is powered by a 1.5L i-VTEC engine that comes with Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist hybrid electric system. The car features a 10kW electric motor that assists in acceleration and also acts as a generator during braking or coasting to recharge the 100V battery pack. The gasoline engine can be turned off automatically during vehicle stops to improve fuel usage.
The hybrid drivetrain develops a combined power of 122 HP at 6,000 and a maximum torque of 128 lb-ft from 1,000 to 1,500 rpm. The car also received a three mode drive system that allows the driver to choose between different levels of driving styles: Sport, Normal and Economy.
The 2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid Coupe will be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.7 seconds and it has an estimated fuel economy rating of 36-38 mpg for the models equipped with CVT transmission and 31-37 mpg for models equipped with a manual transmission.

[Source: Honda]

Honda Insight Sports Modulo

Honda Insight Sports Modulo 1
Honda announced today that they will showcase a new concept called Honda Insight Sports Modulo at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon 2010. Honda will also reveal two new design studies at the show and their Sports Modulo will be displayed to demonstrate the possibilities of the company’s Sports Modulo customization program.
The two other design studies represent two new customized vehicles which were called Honda Freed Styling and Honda Life Styling. Apart from these special cars Honda will also display at their stand the Touring Modulo Insight competition car that raced in the 2009 Enjoy Endurance Race.
Honda’s line-up for the upcoming Tokyo Auto show will also include the Modulo Insight, the Modulo Step WGN, Modulo Stream, Sports Modulo Civic Type R and the Civic Type R Euro.

[Source: Honda]

Tommy Kaira Toyota Prius and Honda Insight

Tommy Kaira Toyota Prius 1
Since Japanese automakers are focused on hybrids, Japanese tuning companies turned into hybrid car tuners. Tommy Kaira, a well known Japanese tuning company just released two new tuning packages for the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight. The guys from Tommy Kaira created a special body kit for each car which consists of new front and rear bumpers, spoilers, side skirts and a rear wing to give the cars a more aggressive and sportier look.
The 2010 Honda Insight as well as the 2010 Toyota Prius also received from the Japanese tuners a suspension upgrade that lowers the ride height and a new set of wheels to complete the exterior modifications. We don’t know if the company has made other modifications to the new versions of these popular hybrid cars but the styling packages are surely worth buying.