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How to open a Demat account?

 How to open a Demat account?

Below mentioned is the list of the broker firm who helps an individual to open a Demat account and help you to trade:

  1. Motilal Oswal -
  2. Upstox ( Upstox give you the fix commission option on the bulk stock purchase)
  3. Zerodha (Zerodha give 1-month free brokerage) -
  4. Angel broking -
  5. All the banks also have the securities(which is knowns as a trading platform)

What all documents required to open a Demat account?

I have opened my Demat account in Motilal Oswal will list the documents which i submitted to open a Demat account

  1. Passport size photograph
  2. Pan Card copy
  3. Aadhar card
  4. one signature on blank paper
  5. Canceled Cheque copy

I have submitted my documents through the "What's App" application my account was activated within 30mints. I am ready to do trading.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

How to increase Torrent Speed

Top Tips to increase bittorent download Speed
The latest file sharing protocol bittorrent has modified everything
when it comes to file sharing. It is a nice platform for downloading
large files. Sharing of files include movies, iso images and MP3
songs. Bittorent is mainly famous for illegal file sharing .
The Bittorrent system can be slow at times due to heavy traffic. so
let us tweak bittorrent sharing program a little bit.
There are a lot of different bittorrent clients that you can download.
I think the best are BitCommet and uTorrent.

Here is a few tips to speed up uTorrent Client. Similar can be
implemented on any other torrent clients ,which you are using.

Step 1: Increase TCP connections

You need to increase the number of TCP connections that are allowed at
max.Windows XP Service Pack 2 came with the number of allowed open
connections to 10. This is to stop any piece of spyware(in our case
bittorent client even) from totally taking over your internet
connection. TCP connection allowed should be 50 for optimal
performance. The best way to increase the maximum number of
connections is to apply patch that is available at A
nice way to fix this is to download this patch .

The little tweak to the torrent client works great in certain times.
If you’re using uTorrent go to Options menu then Preferences. In the
Preferences go the Advanced Options. In the advanced options change
the net.max_halfopen connections to 80. In the same section change the
max half open tcp connections to 80. Once your done click on OK and
you are all set. This tweak will let the maximum TCP connection
available for the bittorrent client. Now start downloading you’ll
realize a little difference in the download speed. Port forwarding
technique is more effective than this.

A third point of interest is that some
“windows updates” revert your tweaked tcp connections back to 10. So
it’s wise to check this every now and then. You can check this by
going to (in windows xp) Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools
> Event Viewer > System… Look for event 4226 (sort by event).

If there are a lot of daily occurrences it’s likely that the max
amount of half-open tcp connections was set back to 10. Or you’re
infected with some nasty spy ware…

Step 2:Torrent Client Configuration
In order to apply these tips you must know your maximum up- and
download speed. You can test your bandwidth over here (stop all
download activity while testing).

Settings 1-4 can be found in the options, settings or preference tab
of most torrent clients.

1. Maximum upload speed

Probably the most important setting there is. Your connection is (sort
of) like a pipeline, if you use you maximum upload speed there’s not
enough space left for the files you are downloading. So you have to
cap your upload speed.

Use the following formula to determine your optimal upload speed…

80% of your maximum upload speed

so if your maximum upload speed is 40 kB/s, the optimal upload rate is
32kB/s But keep seeding!

Monday, December 05, 2016

Demonetisation Effect

Image result for demonetisation effect
1. So what is #Demonetisation really all about? We were told it’s to stop terror attacks. But now the attacks have increased.
2. Then we were told it will cut supply of Indian notes across the border. But terrorists had new notes before most of us did :)
3. Then we were told it’s actually about wiping out #BlackMoney. But even Banks’ own estimates say that very little has come in.
4. Then we were told it’s to take #BlackMoney out of politics. But then the 1st person caught with unaccounted new cash in new notes was… a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) guy.
5. Further when a blogger said the car of MP’s Chief Minister, another Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) man, was stopped with 30 crores cash, he was arrested.
6. We’re told #Demonetisation is to hurt the criminals and not the common man. But no black money evaders have died – while 70 common folks have, waiting in line.
7. We’re told we must tolerate all this for patriotic reasons. But govt made sure political parties are above law & can have unaccounted cash. BJP itself declared 505 cr black money income in 2016
8. We’re told the operation is meticulously planned. But the RBI announces a new rule and regulation every day, each more confusing than the other.
9. We’re told the planning started long ago. But the Rs. 2000 notes are not even in one size, and their colour washes off.
10. We’re told the RBI is on top of it. But then no one seemed to know that each ATM across India has to be recalibrated to accept new notes.
11. In Sep, a #BlackMoney sweep picked up 65,000 cr at a 45% penalty with no pain to common man. This time all this pain is for a 50% penalty
12. Now we’re told it’s not about #BlackMoney or #Terror but it’s about #Digital#Cashless society. But India is a long way from being all digital. All we are now is cashless though.
13. So what is #Demonetisation really all about? We are told, wait and see how India will become great. Then only we’ll realise.
14. Can we accept that nothing was planned or executed well? Rather than owning up to faults, pride of govt & PM doesn’t acknowledge failure.
15. So we have an unplanned, badly executed, lethal & perhaps ineffective country-wide program. And we have to wait with faith because, you know,

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How to increase a JIO internet speed in an Easy way

1.How to increase a JIO internet speed in an Easy way ? to increase reliance jio speed ?
3.How To Increase Jio 4G Speed up to 40Mbps Speed ?
4.How to Increase Reliance Jio 4G Downloading Speed ?
5.Trick How To Increase Reliance Jio 4G Internet Speed ?
6.How to Increase Reliance Jio 4G Data Speed on Your Phone ?
When Reliance Jio first appeared with its Preview Offer, it promised to be the fastest among all internet providers. As it offered free internet, free voice calls, free messages, it was not surprising that customers stood in queues to get hold of one Jio SIM. Reliance Jio was the solution India was looking for, a country where 4Mbps speed is a big deal.

But that didn't last. Nowadays the speed is down. It didn't take long for Jio's fabled speed to drop from 50Mbps to a crawl of 6-10Mbps. Even at 8Mbps, the speed is not constant. Before September 5, the day when Reliance introduced Welcome Offer and the SIM was available to almost all users, would see speed as high as 30Mbps to 50Mbps. After September 5 it has only gone down. The average Jio 4G speed is now abysmal.

There can be several reasons for this. Reliance might still be testing its network before the commercial release on Jan 1, 2017 and the Welcome Offer is probably the final beta of the Jio service. Or maybe there is something wrong with the network.

But whatever it is, a lot of Jio users are looking to again gain the kind of speed that they would see earlier. At the same time, the new ones, who have just joined the network, are looking for the speed that was promised to them. Now, when there is a demand there is also supply. So, the internet is full of tricks and tips that will help a Jio user get better speed. But does it work? We tried some with results that can be called disappointing. But before we tell you about these tricks and tips, some backgrounder on LTE bands.

What is a 4G band?
In simple words, a band is a network frequency at which a service provider offers connection. Airtel offers 4G on Band 40 (2300MHz), Vodafone offers 4G on Band 5 (850Mhz). Reliance Jio offers 4G on Band 3, Band 5, and Band 40.

Before we move ahead, it is important to know the difference in these three bands and how they work.

It's all about numbers:

Best coverage: Band 5 > Band 3 > Band 40.

Best speed: Band 40 > Band 3 > Band 5

Theoretically, this means you will get best connection in the Band 5 but the speed will not be as good. And if you are on Band 40, you will get great speed but coverage will be poor.

A phone automatically switches between bands according to the strength of the signal at a certain location, which explains why Reliance Jio shifts from the good speed at certain areas to poor at others.

So to get better Jio speed, you need to control the LTE band. Now, here is what you can do (at your own risk).

Also read: Reliance Jio SIM ground reality: A long wait and slim chances

Method 1: Lock the 4G network to band 40
To get the best coverage you don't need to do anything, your phone will automatically switch to the band that offers better coverage.

To increase speed follow these steps:

-- Dial *#*#4636#*#*

-- Select phone information

-- Select "Set preferred network type"

-- Select LTE Only

For Qualcomm processor

-- Install Shortcut Master (Lite) app from Play Store.

-- Menu > Search

-- Type "Service Menu" or "Engineering Mode" and search

-- Open if found and access to change LTE bands

For MediaTek processor

-- Install MTK Engineering Mode

-- Run app

-- Select 'MTK Settings'

-- Select 'BandMode'

-- Select SIM slot where you have put your Jio SIM

-- Select 'LTE mode'

-- Select band 40 for best speed or band 5 for best coverage

-- Save settings & reboot mobile to activate changes.

Note: These methods may or may not work even if you have smartphones with these processors. We suggest you try these at your own risk.

But there is a catch and that is why you should not try locking your band.

While it is understandable to desire 4G speed as high as 50Mbps, the above methods may or may not work. The chances are it won't. More importantly, we suggest you don't attempt to lock your LTE band.

As we said earlier, every phone, smartphone or otherwise, is built with capabilities to find the right connection for you, a band so to say.

Reliance Jio is the only 4G network that supports three LTE bands for best coverage and best speed.

So if you lock the LTE network at band 40 your phone will not be able to switch to a network band with better coverage. The band 40 will probably give you better speed, but it will also be more inconsistent and your network may drop when you change location.

Similarly, if you lock the network to band 3 or band 5, you may get good coverage but speed may not be that good. Even if band 40 is available in your current location your phone will stay at band 3 or band 5, as locked.

Yes, you have the option of going through the whole process again and change the band, but then if your phone is capable of doing that automatically why should you take the pain.

That said, there are some more tricks you can use.

Method 2: Change APN settings
You can also increase the speed of your Jio internet by changing the APN settings. But before changing it we suggest you to note down the current settings.

Change the APN Settings as shown below.

-- Name - RJio

-- APN - jionet

-- APN Type - Default

-- Proxy - No changes

-- Port - No changes

-- Username - No changes

-- Password - No changes

-- Server -

-- MMSC - No changes

-- MMS proxy - No changes

-- MMS port - No changes

-- MCC - 405

-- MNC - 857 or 863 or 874

-- Authentication type - No changes

-- APN Protocol - Ipv4/Ipv6

Download Snap VPN from Play Store

After changing the APN settings, download Snap VPN app from the Google Play Store. Once you have installed the app connect to Singapore or France server. This should improve your downloading speed but not browsing speed.

Note: We suggest you to try these methods to increase your 4G speed at your own risk. India Today will not responsible if these methods cause temporary or permanent issue with your phone after the changes. Although, if there is indeed some problem with your phone after trying these methods, we recommend you factory reset the device.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

How to activate 3G or 4G mode in Coolpad Note 3 Plus

Coolpad Note 3 Plus

NETWORK -Technologe-GSM / HSPA / LTE
DISPLAY    -     Type IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
                       Size 5.5 inches (~71.3% screen-to-body ratio)
                       Resolution 1080 x 1920 pixels (~401 ppi pixel density)
                       Multitouch Yes
                       Protection Scratch-resistant glass- CoolUI 6.0
MEMORY Card slot microSD, up to 64 GB (dedicated slot)
                        Internal 16 GB, 3 GB RAM

Hi guys,

Now follow the step to activate 4G internet on your mobile

here is the solution for 3G or 4G only mode in Coolpad
You can use 4G on both SIMs but not at single time
If SIM 1 is on 4G than SIM 2 automatically on 2G
Same for SIM 2 also

Follow the step mention below :-

Go to settings >sim management >cellular data > choose sim 2

Now you can change 4G mode in sim 2Go to settings >more>cellular network >choose preferred networks [4g/3g/2g].

If after doing this then also you are unable to use the 4g internet then follow this step.

Go to settings >More>Celluler Network > Acces Point Name (APN)>
Name- Jionet
Apn - Jionet
Apn Protocol -IP4 & IP6
Apn Roaming Protocol- IP4& IP6
Bearer-LTE (You have to select this to run the JIO internet keep in the mind)
Mvno -SPN

Then continues to press the home button to pop-up the save option and then reboot your mobile.

Thanks and follow the blog for more trips and tricks.

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